First Nations Hydrogeology

 GW Solutions specializes in Groundwater Supply and Protection in Western Canada

Assisting public and private water purveyors in the management of water resources [+] studying river and aquifer interactions [+] assessing the potential impact of energy projects on aquifers and watersheds [+] educating water purveyors about the protection and management of water sources [+] assisting and educating regulators and users [+] providing land developers with technical expertise in water supply and liquid waste effluent disposal [+] assisting consulting firms

Our Values

GW Solutions has chosen to focus its activities towards water resources identification, characterization, management, and protection. We prefer to provide services to industries that do not jeopardize water resources or negatively affect climate change (e.g. the oil and gas industry). This enables GW Solutions to benefit our clients by objectively providing professional opinions on watersheds where such activities occur without being in a conflict of interest.

Our Clients