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Antonio Barroso has a BSc in Civil Engineering, and a MSc in hydrogeology and water resources management from the University of San Francisco Xavier, in Sucre, Bolivia. He also has a MSc in hydrogeolgy from the University of British Columbia, Canada. His fields of interest and expertise include:

• Design, implementation, data analysis and interpretation of long-term well pumping tests;
• Geological modeling elaboration including summarizing/interpreting surficial and bedrock geology, hydrogeologic reports, and well construction records;
• Groundwater flow modeling for pumping test interpretation, surface and groundwater interaction and delineation of capture zones and vulnerability zones;
• Groundwater and surface water quality sampling and assessment;
• Monitoring and on-site supervision of well drilling and testing;
• Completing detailed groundwater contamination studies including study design, monitoring well installation and development of conceptual models;
• Design of water supply systems, including groundwater exploration, well construction contract supervision, design of storage, treatment and distribution systems;
• Fluent in Quechua, Spanish, and English.

While completing his B.Sc. in civil engineering, Antonio Barroso conducted research into dam design using physical and modeling data in order to improve efficiency and safety.

After completing his degree with Excellence, he worked for two years for the state government in Bolivia in groundwater exploration and drilling, completing geophysical surveys, water supply well construction and testing. As a practicing civil engineer Antonio Barroso started his own consulting company and completed a range of projects, including designing and supervising water supply infrastructure construction for rural communities, and irrigation systems for agricultural production.

Antonio received a full scholarship to complete a M.Sc. in water resource management and hydrogeology from 2008 to 2010 at University of San Francisco Xavier of Chuquisaca, Bolivia. His Masters program was funded through the Central America Water Resource Management Network ( and developed in partnership with the University of Calgary and University of Waterloo, the first program of its kind in Bolivia, with the objective to train specialists in hydrogeology. His thesis project investigated groundwater contamination from a landfill in El Alto, near La Paz, where he developed and implemented a monitoring program that included construction of a shallow and deep groundwater monitoring network, chemical sampling, and creating a conceptual model of the layered aquifer system in the area using stratigraphic, geophysical and chemical data.

Mr. Barroso also holds a MSc from University of British Columbia, Canada. His MSc focused on physical hydrogeology and groundwater contamination. His research involved development of a groundwater flow model to assess surface-gorund water interaction at Brannen Lake, Nanaimo, BC. The investigation was based on a long-term, multi-well pumping test carried out at the site by GW Solutions.

Projects in which Mr. Barroso has recently participated in Bolivia and Canada include:

• Supervision of long term pumping test and well completion and drilling;
• Aquifer pumping test evaluations;
• Delineation of groundwater contamination plume caused by landfills;
• Detail design of a water supply system.


Antonio Barroso

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