Child's illustration of Whally Creek watershed
Element of the Gulf Islands Waterscape poster
Element of the Gulf Islands Waterscape poster
Poster encouraging children to conserve water (click to enlarge)
Groundwater elevation, general direction of the flow, and identified groundwatersheds
Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook click here.
Government Publication featuring work by Dr. Gilles Wendling click here.

GW Solutions strongly believes in education. Dr. Gilles Wendling has given over 100 presentations to the public, from classes of kinder garden children to adult audiences at international conferences.

GW Solutions has produced posters, handbooks, presentations, video clips, and participated in films, dealing with groundwater, aquifers, and watersheds.

Dr. Wendling has published peer-reviewed technical papers and is a co-author of an upcoming publication Groundwater Resources in Canada (A. Rivera and al.)

Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society

Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction in the Englishman River Basin

The Pembina Institute

Coalbed Methane and Salmon: Assessing The Risks

BC MOE and BC Groundwater Association

Groundwater Protection Regulation Handbook

Cowichan Valley Regional District

Arbutus Ridge Hydrogeology and Water Supply System

Yukon Energy

Southern Lakes raise in Elevation