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Matt Vardal, MSc.

Matt brings 15 years of multidisciplinary experience in environmental and geological science, data analysis, field work and software tools to the GW Solutions team. After his MSc in Earth and Ocean Sciences from the University of Victoria, Matt has worked in a diverse range of start- ups and industries in BC including forestry, sustainable technology, GIS and hydrogeology. These experiences have all hinged on his capacity to be fully absorbed in his interests, while remaining adaptable to changing technology and eager to take on new challenges. Matt’s work interests include:

Water sustainability: Working with First Nations, communities and progressive clients to implement knowledge-based solutions to watershed stewardship and sustainable drinking water;

  • Open Source technology: Facilitating access to science through open-source software, hardware, mapping tools, and GIS analysis;
  • Data Science: Transforming messy, disconnected data into insightful analysis, beautiful maps and user-focused databases;
  • 3D geological modeling: Uncovering the story of local and regional hydrogeology through 3D visualization and geological modeling; and
  • Field work: Mapping geology, gathering monitoring data, and developing groundwater source wells.



Matt Vardal

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