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ph: 604-562-0258




Shiva Farjadian graduated with a M.Sc. degree in Hydrogeology from Shiraz University. She researched the saltwater intrusion mechanism of a salt lake to coastal aquifers. She has a B.Sc. degree in Geology from the same university. Her fields of interest and expertise are the following: 

  • Groundwater modeling;
  • Groundwater quality assessment;
  • Water supply and water resource management;
  • Groundwater regime in karstic environment; and
  • Hydrogeology and hydrochemistry applied to infrastructure projects (tunnel, roads), and industrial projects (mines, landfills, etc.).


Shiva Farjadian has more than seven years experience in Groundwater Modeling (numerical modeling), groundwater quality assessment, water supply and water resources management, karst hydrology and also approximately ten years experience in geology and geomorphology.

She used to work as a teacher/instructor and researcher at several colleges and universities throughout Iran.  She has participated in course development as well as national and international symposiums and conferences where she presented papers.

She is an expert in working with specialized software such as, Map Source, ArcGIS, Rock Ware, AqQA, Surfer, Groundwater Modeling Tools including MODFLOW, MT3D (GMS, PM Win) and Programming Languages with Fortran77, Matlab.

She has volunteered in different areas to show her respect and commitment to a clean and sustainable environment; this includes translating articles and a book from English to Farsi, assisting at a Shiraz University laboratory analyzing water, and collecting groundwater samples.


Shiva Farjadian

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