Watershed ManagementWatershed Characterization, Management and Protection

GW Solutions has completed several surface water and groundwater interaction studies in the service of watershed management to understand the dynamics of watersheds and to estimate the impact of groundwater pumping.

GW Solutions has completed the assessment of the interactions between shallow aquifers and the potential modification of both the groundwater regimes and the groundwater quality due to the oil and gas drilling and extraction, including the effects of hydraulic fracturing.

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Custodians Of The Peace Country Society

Northeast BC Groundwater Quality and Gas Testing

Mid Vancouver Island Habitat Enhancement Society (MVIHES)

Groundwater and Surface Water Interaction in the Englishman River Watershed

Alberni Clayoquot Regional District

Tofino Airport - Water Supply Assessment

City Of Parksville

Aquifer Protection, Water Sustainability and Community Planning

Regional District of Nanaimo

Action For Water Project

The Pembina Institute

Coalbed Methane and Salmon: Assessing the Risks

Regional District Of Nanaimo

Water Source and Water Vulnerability Assessment - Area A

Clearbrook Waterworks District

Groundwater Management and Protection

Halalt First Nation

Environmental Assessment, Hydrological Study - Chemainus Wells

Council Of Canadians

The Bottled Water Industry in Ontario and the Vulnerability of its Water Source

Minnie Lake Conservation Society

Hydrogeology of the Minnie Lake sub-basin and area

Cowichan Valley Regional District (CVRD)

Arbutus Ridge Hydrogeology and Water Supply System

Duncan Langtry Road Concerned Citizens

Proposed Expansion of Aggregate Mining and Potential Impact on the Groundwater Regime, Langtry Rd, Duncan BC

Fisheries and Oceans Canada

Liard Hotsprings Groundwater Regime

Woodley Range Water Assessment

Private water utility assessment - Nanaimo, BC

Peace River Regional District

Groundwater Quality Baseline

Yukon Energy

Southern Lakes raise in Elevation

Nanaimo Airport Water Strategy